Project Location:

Parque Las Terrenas, Blvd. Turistico del Atlantico, 32000 Samana, Dominican Republic
Latitude: 19.315095 Longitude: 694866727


7 buildings with each building consisting of 6 units with an elevator in each building.
• There are 2 First Floor 2-Bedroom Units (total area for each unit: 158m2 / 1,700 ft2).
• There are 2 Second Floor 2-Bedroom Units (total area for each unit: 158m2 / 1,700ft2).
• There are 2 Third Floor 2-Bedroom Penthouse Units with 2 connecting Fourth Floor Terraces.
Access is only available through the 3rd Floor via a staircase and the building’s elevator. (total
combined area of 3rd Floor and 4th Floor Terrace: 283m2 / 3,042 ft2).
• 2 1⁄2 bathrooms and 9’ ft ceilings in all units.
• First Phase of Stamped Permits were issued December 30th, 2021.
• On February 7, 2022, we received our Water and Sewage permits.
• On February 28, 2022, we received our Tourism permit and expected to receive our environmental permit soon. At the time of receiving our environmental permit, we will increase unit price by $20,000. We will then increase the last 9 available units another $20,000.
• Groundbreaking Scheduled for Mid-March 2022, was a success.


Playa Carolina Beach is 1,000 meters or approximately 5 minutes away.

Estimated Delivery:

Q1-Q3, 2023

Shopping, Dining, Recreation:

  • Las Terrenas is only 15 minutes away
  • El Portillo is only 5 minutes away
  • El Limon is only 10 minutes away
  • Samana is only 20 minutes away


Residential Touristic

Number of Units:

42 Units Developed on 6.77 Tropical Acres or 27,397m2, located in the sanctuary known as “Parque Las Terrenas”.

Size Range:

158 - 282 square meters (2BR|2 1/2BA)

Project Status:


Tax Status Comments:

Tax Exempt Filing. Immediately upon receiving our stamped permits we will be filing for the Certification and Benefits of the law 158 01 in Dominican Republic, which grants Property Tax and Transfer Tax exemptions to the acquirers of touristic properties for a period of 15 years. After the exemption period is over, the property will be subject to the Annual Property Tax (1% of property value). Also, if you decide to sell the property, the buyer will need to pay Transfer Tax (3% of purchase price).

Tempat Sala Management Team:

The management team has approximately one hundred (100) years in Real Estate Management throughout the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean. Our development experience includes residential, touristic, commercial, and industrial projects. The scope of our services include:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Capital Management
  • Property Management
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Hotel Owner/Operators
  • Air BNB Super Hosts

Facts / Q & A

There is a $5,000 Required Reservation Deposit. The Reservation Deposit Form is available at

You will receive your Promise to Purchase Agreement within 30 days. You will be required to make a 15% deposit upon the signing of the agreement. Your original $5,000 Reservation Deposit will be deducted from your required 15% deposit. (You or your designated POA will be required to sign the purchase contract on the soil of the Dominican Republic at least 15 days after receipt of the 15% deposit.

The following Deposit schedules are as follows:
1. A Beginning Construction Deposit of twenty (20%)* percent will be due within two weeks of our groundbreaking ceremony scheduled for Mid-March 2022. *We suggest that if you are planning to seek mortgage financing of your condominium purchase you should consider doing so after making your Beginning Construction Deposit.
2. A Mid-Construction Deposit of twenty (25%) percent will be due approximately six (6)
months after your Beginning Construction Deposit.
3. Your Final Closing Deposit of forty (40%) percent will be due approximately six (6) months after your Mid-Construction Deposit.

The closest airport is the El Catey Airport (AZS). The airport is about 25 minutes away and services the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Soviet Union. You may also arrive at the Santa Domingo Airport (SDQ). This airport is approximately 90 minutes from the Tempat Sala Aparthotel. It is a very beautiful ride through the Dominican Countryside, through the hills and mountains, and along many beautiful beaches.

It is our goal to make the Tempat Sala Aparthotel an Eco-Friendly development. This may include solar, wind, and other Eco Friendly components.

Yes, the elevators provide access to all floors in each building. However, the 4th floor terrace is only accessible by the 3rd floor Apartment owners and their friends who may be physically challenged.

The jacuzzi is an option if you would like the feature as an add-on. However, the room is approximately 140 sq. ft., and you may wish to use it as a library, a den, an entertainment room. You could also add a daybed, sofa bed, or futon, which would give you the ability to sleep additional people.

Yes, you may. We would be happy to pass along any offer on a currently reserved 3rd Floor Penthouse, or any other unit you have interest in, and have your name on a reservation list.

Our first-floor unit (158m2) pricing is currently $1,639 per m2, or $152 per sq. ft., and our second-floor unit (158 m2) pricing is currently $1,829 per m2 or $170 per sq. ft. Current comparable pricing in Las Terrenas, or the immediate area is as follows:

Tempat Sala Aparthotel (158m2): 2-Bdrm, First Floor, $259,000, $1,639 m2, or $152 sq. ft.

Tempat Sala Aparthotel (158m2): 2-Bdrm, Second Floor, $289,000, $1,829 m2, or $170 sq. ft.

Coson (138m2): 2-Bdrm, $274,270, $1,987 m2, or $184 sq. ft.

Playa Bonita (151m2): 2-Bdrm, $295,720, $1,958 m2, or $182 sq. ft.

Playa Bonita 2 (186m2): 3-Bdrm, $353,470, $1,900 m2, or $177 sq. ft.

Playa Bonita 3 (126m2): 1-Bdrm, $260,000, $2,063m2, or $192 sq, ft.

Los Cayos (200m2): 3-Bdrm, $376,570, $1,883 m2, or $175 sq. ft.

*** As a special note, please remember that all seven (7) of our buildings have elevators for your convenience!